A Google Analytics puzzle

Can you get your GA Configuration working properly for this site?

How does this work? This site emulates a flow through a ecommerce site, starting with an ad in search, ordering a sticker, and checking out. When you navigate from page to page it will send a few hits to a GA property. Everything is emulated, so no stickers are really ordered.

What GA property? If you want to see how hits end up in GA, and how changes to the GA configuration affect this, you need to have access to the property that this site sends the hits to. Rather than using a single property used by a lot of different people, just create a new property or reuse an existing property. Please enter the UA-string below.

The puzzle Can you configure your GA property such that you will see

Your GA property

Your GA property:
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Let the games begin!

1) Turn on ecommerce
2) Configure two goals as follows (click to expand):